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Last Updated : Aug-26-2019

Survey360 has certified privacy policies and is committed to subjecting all the personal data which we receive from our users. We have made easy and plain language privacy policy, easy to understand and also of clear interest. We value your trust and hence will keep all the personal details and information secured.

When we receive any personal information under any section, in certain section we may be required to disclose personal data to response any lawful action by any authority.

Your Survey

If you have generated any survey, that data is owned by you. To safeguard the respondents’ email address we have a secured network to make it easier for you to get the surveys. We don’t give these email address and personal details to any other party and withhold the data securely. The survey data is stored on our servers located in The United States. You can clear any point or any agreed terms directly from us on our contact details.

Answer the Surveys

Surveys are administered by survey creators who conduct thousands of surveys each day using our services. We host the surveys on our website and get the response from the ends users that they give on the survey. If you have any question about a survey or the survey responses, Survey360 is not responsible for any survey and the response on that survey.

We also don’t sell your responses to any third party like advertisers or marketers. If you think a survey violates our Terms of Use, or may be in any unlawful act, you can report to our contact address.

Survey Creators, Respondents

Survey360 is used by survey creators and survey respondents. The information required which the survey creator creates and the respond which is given on the survey are to be handled differently.

Privacy for Survey Creators: The information collected directly can be Registration Information, Billing Information and account setting.

Registration Information: At the time of you can create surveys, we collect username, password and email address. If you choose to register from any third party account like Google or Facebook, you can see “Information from Third Parties”.

Billing Information: If you make payment, we would ask you to provide name, address email address and financial details related to the payment method.

Account Settings: You set various preferences and details on pages like setting page

Address book information: We allow you to associate the address book and email address. We don’t play any role in address book part; this is for your own purpose.

We don’t share or abuse your respondent’s email addresses. We will not email your respondents or people in your address book. We even don’t sell the email address to third party.

Direct / Indirect Data Collection

The information that we collect from you while interacting with us are mentioned below:

Usage Data: We collect data usage information through the webpage you visit. This helps in building up the record data each time and also keep log files on our web server.

Device and Referral Data: We collect data from the device and the application which you are using to access our website. This includes IP address, operation system version, and performance information and browser type along with device type. If you are visiting our website through some other source, this information will be recorded for checking out the traffic on our website through referral websites.

Information from third party: We collect your personal information from third parties also; this is done after your approval of sharing the information.

Use of information we collect: The information that we collect from you is through the survey questions and responses which you provide to that question. In any case if you choose to keep your response private, your data will not be used for other than that purpose. Unless we have your expressed consent we will not be utilizing your personal information for any means.

The information that we collect from you will help us providing better connection with our services and also will help us to enhance our services and provide better support. In addition to this, if you choose an option to link your account with third party account, we may use the information that would be collected from those third parties to provide you any additional services.

We also take the personal information from you to monitor, manage and improve our services. We note down the trend to understand how people review us and use our services. This improves our services, marketing, research and development.


We don’t sell your survey data unless authorization is been given. We contractually are bound to keep the information confidential and use it only for a purpose. You can change the settings for sharing your survey with public. We are legally bound to safeguard the privacy of your information and surveys. We may disclose your information to our service providers who help us to give the best service available. Only the authorized person is allowed to access the information. The information which we access would be service provider’s payment mode, hosting, email service providers and traffic tools like analytics to check the web traffic.

If the account details of billing are different from the details listed in your account, we may disclose your identity and account details to our billing contact person. Thereby, by using our services, you are agreeing to this privacy policy and you consent to this disclosure.

We may ask advertising networks to exchange and promote display ads for promotional purposes on our website. Our advertising networking partners may use cookies and page tags or web beacons to collect personal and non-personal information.

If there is a change in business ownership or structure then the transfer of the information between the two entities would be done so that your services can be continued without any stoppage.

Once you give the consent to share the personal information among others, you cannot revoke your permission.

Rights to your information: Update your account details, registration and other account information on your own account immediately.

You can access, edit, download and delete your survey data. You can access to your personal information, also you are correct and maintain your MyAccount Page. You can download the survey data and export it to desirable format. You can delete any survey data if not needed. Once deleted permanently, the survey cannot be brought back. We also provide facility to cancel your account. You can cancel your account permanently without any delay.

Change in Privacy Policy: We bear the authority of changing the privacy policy at any time. We will notify you by publishing the changes on the website, if done. If you consider the changes according to you, we can continue, if not, you can give advance notice period of closing the account any time.

Security: We have dedicated team to check the security of the account and personal information. Regardless to the protection of the account and information we take full precaution and also there is always a risk for your personal information to be viewed by any unauthorized party during the collection of the information through the internet.

Data Locations and Cookies: We have U.S. based server, the information shared with us is processed by U.S. Your personal information is transferred and disclosed to the service providers. Also the website stores the information in cookies. Each cookie expired after a certain period of time depending on what we are browsing through. The cookies provide easy access to the information which you are sharing with us, like username, password etc. For security reasons also we use cookies, you can get authenticated by the cookies which are been saved. The personal information which you share with you helps us to improve our services. The usage of our website, tracking of the data, display various versions and so on, helps us to boost our website and improve our services and take our the flaws. Indirectly the information which you share helps our Google analytics to check the targeted audience and which page they are visiting the most. This helps in building the market and tracking the traffic. We also run advertisement of the third parties, the information displayed by them is solely their responsibility and we don’t play any role in tailoring the advertisement.

Blog and Forums: Our website also offers blogs and forums where you can participate in any thread and conversation. The information shared in forums are by any visitor or third party is solely their responsibility and we don’t play any role in that request.

Safety of Children: Although our services are not designed to harm any individual but we don’t permit child under the age of 13 to use our services. Also the services can be used under any adult supervision. If we find any such person taking part in any mischievous activities, we have full authority to block and delete that account.

Thereby, your consent and agree to the terms and policies which we have mentioned. Your consent in voluntary and you can revoke any time if you find objectionable.

You consent to share us your personal details with relevant persons working for service providers who assist us to get the services.

If the cookies of the web browser are enabled, you consent to our use of cookies as described in the privacy policy.

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